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Contact us: 01499302719 | email: duncan@fishinguide.co.uk

The Fishinguide experience and our unique approach

  • We use accredited guides.
  • Business based on word-of-mouth, not marketing.
  • Our focus is on giving our guests a great experience of fishing in Scotland.
  • Fishinguide is a family company with a passion for Scotland’s fish and wilds at its core.
  • We have an eco-friendly approach (locally sourced food, vehicles with low fuel consumption, catch and release policy).
  • We give back by regularly volunteering and donating to wild fish conservation charities, helping preserve fish populations for our future.
  • What gives us the greatest satisfaction is seeing our valued guests appreciate the same things we love; Scotland’s fishing, and its beautiful wild places.


I grew up in the hills of Perthshire on the banks of the River Tay fishing the rivers and lochs for salmon, trout and pike. Nowadays with over 30 years’ fishing experience and having worked both in tackle sales, casting instruction and as a guide, I feel I have a comprehensive knowledge of how best to catch the freshwater and saltwater fish of Scotland. I am the proud owner of the SGAIC (Scottish Game Angling Instructors Certificate) qualification for both single and double handed casting and I’ve gained a reputation for providing a first class service for my clients.

Coming from a professional background in teaching with a passion for fishing and particularly fly fishing I decided to combine the two and start Fishinguide Scotland. Five years and many happy guests later we are well positioned to provide a rewarding fishing experience to our valued guests.

You’ll be guided by someone who knows about Scotland, its history, legends, flora, fauna and most of all its wonderful fish.

We know where to take you to make that catch, we will take care of all your needs, from travel to accommodation, from food to permit and from reel to rod, we’ve got you covered.

Duncan is a member of the Patagonia pro-Europe team and is a Sage pro-guide and is qualified as a single handed and double handed casting instructor

Fishinguide is WorldHost approved and has a certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor



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