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Scroll down to see details of our very carefully selected guides. Our guides are chosen for their qualities of being friendly, competent, fish magnets and fun.


All our effort is to provide the best possible service, so you enjoy your day to the max

  • Best locations (wild and away from the crowds is our preference)
  • Best guides
  • Best kit
  • Best fun


Happy guides that enjoy their work means happy guests that enjoy their fishing

  • Carefully selected to be friendly and good at their job
  • Highly valued and respected
  • Well paid


Without a healthy environment there won’t be any more fishing, so it’s a top priority

  • Fish care (spreading the knowledge of good C&R handling)
  • Habitat improvement work (writing about it and talking to river owners)
  • Donations to charities that help keep our water clean and healthy
  • Volunteering (active habitat improvement and survey work)
  • Campaigning to stop projects which put fish at risk (like fish farms, dams etc)

Our team



Argyll/Perthshire. SGAIC DH and SH
Duncan is the founder and operator of Fishinguide and the one who will be answering your emails. A very keen angler for all of Scotland's fish, particularly trout, salmon and pike.

Duncan has built up the reputation of Fishinguide as one of Scotland's best providers of guided fishing trips. Attested to by guests in the many 5 star reviews on TripAdvisor. If ever Duncan has time where he's not guiding or looking after his infant son, he's out fishing, or on a fishing holiday.



Alan's understanding of fish and angling seems endless. Fishing is Alan's full time obsession. He lives, works, and dreams fish. I've watched Alan pluck reluctant salmon out of the least likely looking bits of river and he has caught more trout over 20lbs than anyone else in the country.

On a normal weekend he might spend 14 hours trolling for ferox and the next day hike into the hills to fly fish for little loch browns. Alan relates to people extremely well and is a fantastic guide.


Tom B

Tom is a angler for anything that swims, despite being a ghillie on a salmon river he still has time and interest for all the species that inhabit Scottish waters. His knowledge and understanding of how to catch salmon, especially on the River Awe is invaluable for his guests, but his skills don't stop there.

He'll put you on pike or help you to catch trout, spurdog, makerel, pollack or just about anything else you fancy. All this while regaling you with stories of adventures had .



Jock is an excellent trout angler, and a talented host and guide. He builds instant rapport and, it would seem, not just with the fish!

When it comes to catching trout, especially in the lochs around Edinburgh which Jock knows intimately, Jock is Derek's only match. Jock is also a long standing member of the Scottish international fly fishing team for good reason.



I got to know Derek when I worked selling permits for a trout loch near Edinburgh. Derek would come to fish the competitions and win them all by astonishing margins.

During the season I worked there they had a league running where anglers fished one day every week from March to September. By July Derek was so far ahead he was un-catchable, he out-fished everyone every time. The man has some kind of odd fishy magic in him, as the Scottish team has noticed.



Richard is a warm, communicative, funny person and a natural story teller . He has a great ability to entertain with anecdotes of which he seems to have an endless supply.

After 40+ years of fishing his appetite to continue to learn about angling of all forms is demonstrated by his fishing book collection which is so comprehensive it has (to his wife's chagrin) taken over their house. It was Richard's passion for fishing that spread to his brother Duncan and hooked him.



If enthusiasm in angling and especially fly fishing were measured in volume the universe would be hard pushed to contain all that Dougie brings. A keen entomologist and fly-tyer Dougie is continually refining his craft.

Dougie offers his guests the kind of insights into the lives of salmon and trout that can turn blanks into bonanzas. He's one of life's good guys, a gentleman through and through. We're confident you'll have a great time with Dougie.



Jim spreads good vibes and fishing motivation wherever he goes. He is the only person I know who will spend a full day on the river with guests and then go home to grab a quick bite before going back to the river to fish on his own until nightfall.

When you fish with Jim you know you're in the presence of a thoroughly good man and a massively understated expert in what he does. Never boastful, always gracious and always helpful, Jim is nothing short of a legend.



No body knows Edinburgh's best pike fishing venue better than our Hugh. He seems to be able to put people on fish in the hardest of conditions.

The consummate professional and always a gent. Everyone who is guided by Hugh writes to tell say what a great time they had We at fishinguide appreciate Hugh's talented guiding efforts greatly.



Whether you'd like to catch salmon, trout or pike Steve is your man. Steve was recommended to me by a ghillie on the Tay and I've never looked back.
Steve's relaxed, confident, friendly manner will put you at ease. When you see his fly casting you'll know you're with a highly competent and well seasoned angler. With decades of guiding experience under his wading belt you can be sure Steve knows how to put you on fish and will do his level best to help you.


Perthshire - SGAIC SH
Though he's a humble man and will hold it against me I just have to tell you about the unfathomable volume of information that Neil holds in his head. Ask him about Scotland's geology, history, fauna, hidden corners, legends or ask his opinion on anywhere you'd planned to visit and he'll know more about it than you were expecting.

I've been mining his brain for a few years now and still haven't found any sign of information shortages. It seems he's interested in everything, even you, which makes him great company. He also knows about fishing.



A friendly character and long term fishing guide John holds the SGAIC certificate for both single and double handed casting instruction. Always open and willing to share his knowledge you'll find plenty to talk about with John.

John's patience, kindness and understanding of all things fishy means his guests will be pleased they got him as their guide.



Scott knows where the big wild trout live, and what's more he knows how to catch them. The other guides are all continually amazed by the size and beauty of the trout that Scott and the guests he takes catch.

Scott also happens to know excellent places that he can take you to to connect with salmon. In my opinion Scott's laid back and considered approach is that of a talented natural angler. Even if that's all you take from your day with him, you'll have improved.



Fin is fantastic company, a very well rounded angler and an excellent professional guide. With a passion for wild places and wild fish you'll experience some authentic Scotland with Fin.

If you've thought about fishing the River Tweed for salmon, trout or grayling there is no-one better to help you. Taking you hiking to a remote loch to catch wild browns is also his dominion. Fin is a lover of Scotland and its fishing and it's infectious. Fishinguide is honoured to have Fin in the team.



Ron until recently ran his own very successful tackle shop and is - as you might imagine - very well informed on Scotland's fishing. Ron has been part of Scotland's angling scene for many decades. A great person to spend a day with Ron's angling is influenced by his best fishing buddy from uni days to the present, the ex-captain of Scotland's fly fishing team.

Though Ron has retired he will on occasion guide Fishinguide guests. As a keen explorer of the wilds himself he runs our hiking and fishing trips out of Edinburgh. My bet is you'll enjoy Ron's company and quiet charm.



Phil is Mr Congeniality. He's always got fascinating projects on the go, is a man of many talents and has a very nice boat!. Being great company, an excellent host and having detailed knowledge of Scotland's west coast, all makes for a great guided fishing experience with Phil.

Phil will take you saltwater fishing off the coast of Argyll. He will take you to marks where you can catch pollack, wrasse, coal fish, mackerel and more. You're likely to see seals and lots of bird-life, there's also a chance of seeing dolphins, and if you're very lucky basking shark.

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