Scotland in miniature is an apt description for Argyll. Argyll is a great place to see iconic wildlife like the golden eagle, otters, red deer, seals, dolphins and much, much more. Argyll is known for its spectacular scenery and its fishing!

With lochs, rivers and estuaries to fish for ancient ferox trout up to 30lbs, very large pike, and good runs of salmon and sea trout most anglers would be more than happy with the freshwater options alone. Add to this top class fishing in the salt and you can see why Argyll is fast becoming Scotland’s premier angling destination.

Best time to visit

  • For salmon: Late May into early June for fresh run springers or Sept/Oct for numbers
  • For trout: May, June and September
  • For pike: August for numbers, October and January for the really big ones
  • For saltwater species: March, April and July for sea trout,
    August for mackerel
    October, November and December for Pollack


The heart of Scotland, Perthshire, is a lush, green, fresh and fertile land. With majestic mountains, productive rivers, remote lochs and pretty villages Perthshire is very inviting. We can take you hiking to a loch to fish for pike or trout, or to the excellent River Tay and its many tributaries where there are almost limitless fishing options.

The quality of the Tay salmon is unsurpassed in Scotland. What’s more there are large brown trout than can be tempted to a dry fly, and excellent grayling fishing. In short, there are a lot of good reasons to head to Perthshire.

Best time to visit

  • For salmon: Jan 15 – 25 May | June-Sept/Oct

  • For wild brown trout: Mid March to early June or September
  • For pike: June-October
  • For grayling: November-February


Scotland’s biggest city happens to have a very good trout and grayling river not too far away. Most of our Glasgow based fishing is trips to the River Clyde for it’s fantastic, distinctive trout. The other option we can offer out of Glasgow is pike fishing to the south. If you’re going to be in Scotland in April/May or September and you like fly fishing in rivers for large wild trout then a trip to the Cylde with our resident expert could be for you. If you’re coming during the winter months then the Cylde’s grayling shouldn’t be overlooked. I predict a new UK record will be caught from the Clyde in the next few years.

Best time to visit

  • Trout: May is best but the big Clyde trout can be caught from mid March to early June. Some years April is best:
  • Grayling: October and November are usually the best months but it can be very good for grayling also from December to March.


Scotland’s capital and a very attractive and richly historic small city, Edinburgh is a rewarding city to explore and an excellent base for accessing some good fishing. Within close reach of the city there is a range of hills with a number of enjoyable trout fly fishing lochs and also some of Scotland’s best pike fishing locations.

Edinburgh is especially good for anglers who prefer to fish in still waters. For those who prefer river fishing, please be aware that out of Edinburgh it can take 2 hours to drive to the Tay or Tweed. Perthshire or Argyll are closer to rivers.

Best time to visit

  • Pike: June is best but they can be caught most of the year
  • Rainbow trout: Anytime of year for still-water rainbow trout, though it’s probably best in April/May
  • For wild brown trout: Mid March to early June or September
  • For pike: June-October
  • For grayling: November-February

Bosnia and Montenegro

Bosnia and Montenegro have some of the worlds’s most naturally productive and pristine streams. Its rivers seem tailor made for the fly fisher. With endemic fly eating species such as the marble trout and softmouth trout you could happily spend your holiday. Both these species are able to grow to shocking proportions in these rivers. 10 kilo plus fish are possible.

Add to this the fantastic grayling dry fly fishing and brown trout fishing with the possibility of a huchen you have a recipe for great enjoyment.

Best time to visit

  • For huchen: November to March
  • For wild grayling: Mid March to early June or September
  • For softmouth or marble trout. September or early October


In 2019 there will be three week-long trips. Starting on Monday the 13th of May and ending Saturday the 18th there are three spaces. The following week, Monday the 20th to Saturday the 25th also has three spaces (at time of writing).

Contact us quick if you’d like to secure any of those slots or the final week for four anglers. Starting Monday the 27th to Saturday the 1st of June. See this video for more.

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