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The more you learn about fly fishing the more rewarding and absorbing it becomes.

If trout or salmon fishing is something you’d like to take further and learn more about then why not enrol yourself on one of Fishinguide’s tailor made courses.

These courses are held in the early or off season and will take you anywhere from complete beginner or intermediate up to a level where, with further practice on your own, you’ll be a competent angler.

The courses run for three consecutive days
Wild trout season opens on 15th March ends on 6th Oct
Rainbow trout have no season and can be fished for at any time
Salmon seasons vary depending on the river but most open in January and close in October
There are no seasons for saltwater fish, pike, grayling or perch

In the ‘off season’ we offer courses for any level of experience – we can adjust the course to suit a complete beginner or an experienced angler.

Salmon 101 course

( £100 per person per day, min 3 people max 9 )
  • Double handed fly casting (Spey)
  • Salmon biology and behaviour
  • Salmon fly lines, leaders and rods
  • Fly choice
  • Fly fishing techniques

Trout 101 course

( £100 per person per day, min 3 people max 9 )
  • Single handed casting

  • Trout biology and behaviour
  • Basic entomology (insects and trout food)
  • Loch and river techniques
  • Equipment and its use

Also fly casting instruction either double-handed (salmon) or single-handed (trout) for £40 per hour (minimum two hours).

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