Go after the most iconic fish that swims in Scotland’s rivers – the Atlantic salmon. Come and enjoy a guided fishing trip and get a taste of what, for many, has become an addiction – the pursuit of silver. We will choose a venue based on where the fishing is best on the day, while taking into consideration your  level of experience and location.  


Our Locations


The River Tay and its tributaries receive more salmon running into them from the sea per year than any other river in the UK. It has a huge amount of fishing with well in excess of 50 beats on the main stem and many more in the tributary rivers. It’s a big fish river – the long-standing UK record is a 64lb fish that was caught on the Tay.


We strongly recommend Argyll for anyone new to fly fishing for salmon. The rivers are small and the fish are easily accessed – you don’t need to cast far to cover them, anyone can do it with a bit of instruction. The small rivers of Argyll have been the scene of the first salmon on the fly for many of our novice – and not-so-novice – fly fishers.


Salmon trips are available out of Edinburgh either to the River Tay or the River Tweed, but due to the travel time involved we encourage guests to base themselves in Perthshire or Argyll if they intend to fish for salmon.

How Your Trip Works

1. Start of the day
Your guide will pick you up at your accommodation (usually at 9am) and drive you to the fishing venue where they will set you up with the most suitable fishing equipment for the day’s conditions.

2. Coaching and assistance
Your guide will coach you on local conditions, show you where and how to cast, and generally how to fish the way that we have found is the most effective. If you’re an experienced angler your guide will simply offer tips and guidance.

3. Friendly company
Your guide will provide friendly company throughout the day, offer advice on playing big powerful fish, net and unhook your catch and help you out with any fishing troubles (like snags and tangles).

4. Lunch
You’ll stop for a lunch break, usually around 1pm (unless otherwise arranged, lunch is not included, so be sure to bring something to eat).

5. End of the day
Your guide will take you back to your accommodation around 5pm. The photos that they have taken of you throughout your day will be sent on afterwards.

Prices for guided salmon fishing